Sunday, February 27, 2005

Maybe I'm not crazy..... maybe I'm just a little .... unwell???

zum zum zum.... capoeira mata um !!!!! :D

Otra fiesta?

Otra ves noche de fiesta....... ayer sabado ya no iba a salir pero me informaron que hoy domingo descansaba... y pues ya que estamos en epoca de fiestas ..... pues por que no... aparte me vino a visitar un amigo de cancun ... asi que pues fiesta fue.... muy chida .... ver el amanecer en el mar desde la terraza de reconocido antro no tiene precio.... bueno el precio es que estaba tan cansado que para llegar a esas horas tuve que tomar vodka y boost/redbull y yo creo por eso estoy despierto a esta hora sin poder dormir....... pero bueno en un ratito iremos a descansar a la playa... a tomar un poquito el sol y relajarnos con el sonido de las olas....... otro dia en el paraiso...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Drug of Choice:

Vodka Red Bull

Had a really good night last night ... crazy party night ... great DJ at la santanera... had Red Bull , Boost, and a a little XTC courtesy of a Brazilian girl that had it mixed with her red bull and didn't tell me she had it in there till after i drank of it... good girl!

Breakfast: 2 mini Hershey's with almonds..... we might not have any food in the fridge ... but we will always have chocolates!!!

Man I’m tired! ...

Gloria left for tulum today (with the Brazilian girl), I don't know if I'll ever see her again... she is supposed to go to Costa Rica after tulum and then, who knows?... that girls is a little crazy ...but she is a really good friend.... Gloria: best of luck on your travels and I hope to see you later somewhere around the world!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Airbus A380

WoW! That is a big plane... seating up to 840 passangers .... the 3 class seating version accomodates 555 passangers and has common areas to hang out.... man i wanna go to tokyo in one of those planes.... anyway ... i just tought it was cool and it's supposed to be more efficient than other smaller planes... first test flight is on march 2005.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Just got back from my first yoga class...... man it's hard to relax while you're all tied up.... anyways im tired it was hard...... to much breathing involved.... i hope it gets easy with time..... im a little sunburned .... and thats about it .... not sure if im goingo out tonight... tomorrow I work the mornin shift so.... ill probably just go out for a drink or two ..... im so happy cause i got tons of new music on victor thanks to sam..... ok sam is the new little zen touch mp3 player my roomate bought so he is encoding all his pink floyd disc to mp3 and all the other cool discs he has ..... anyways that makes me happy .... but victor is running out of space... damn! i'll end up deleting some porn to make space for music..... well that's life in paradise .... later

Primer Blog

Playa del Carmen ... Beautiful sunny day.... beach all morning can anyone ask 4 more.... any way this is the fist blog post its just a test

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Que es esto?

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